Litigation |

We use litigation as a tool to make strategic interventions to strengthen human rights protection in Turkey and to assist claimants to access justice. We seek to influence the advancement of human rights standards in Turkey by supporting lawyers, human rights defenders and NGOs to bring successful cases before national authorities as well as international actors, including the European Court of Human Rights and UN monitoring mechanisms.

Our litigation work mainly focuses on the infringements of rights occurred in relation to state of emergency policies and practices. We also assist cases raising important shortcomings in the system of human rights protection and the rule of law and strive to set precedence and trigger changes in legislation or administrative practices. We support the applicants or their representatives in their access and use of available remedies and submit third party interventions and expert opinions on key legal issues in the legal proceedings.

Currently, we dedicate a substantial amount of our work to the following areas:

  • Restriction and suspension of rights under the state of emergency;

  • Fight against terrorism, derogation regime and their impacts on the rights of suspects, particularly on the right to liberty and security, in the criminal proceedings;

  • Civil and political rights, including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly;

  • Protection against arbitrary interference with the personal autonomy, private and family life and the right to respect for freedom of thought and conscience and the right to property.

  • Prohibition of discrimination

See our latest expert opinion on freedom of expression and propagandising for terrorism submitted to the Turkish Constitutional Court in the case of Ayse Celik: [Insert Link]

Research |

We carry out research on key human rights issues and concepts and strive to fill in the knowledge gap among practitioners, judicial authorities and policy makers on national and international human rights standards.

We conduct research on critical legal issues related to state of emergency, including effectiveness of remedies, derogation regime, restriction of human rights in fight against terrorism, the rule of law standards and independence of judiciary.

We circulate the case-law of the relevant courts and institutions among lawyers, and providing lawyers with the reports, press releases and opinions of international and regional human rights monitoring mechanisms.

We share collections of resources, research outputs and other relevant materials with relevant stake holders and public in general.

Find our recent compilation of resources concerning the state of emergency in Turkey here - [Insert Link]

Advocacy |

We raise awareness on human rights situation in Turkey and advocate for Turkey’s full compliance with its human rights obligations arising from the international treaties and monitoring bodies. We advocate for halting serious and systemic human rights abuses and the restitution of the rights of victims of emergency rule and facilitate co-operation with national and international civil society.

Our advocacy activities aim to contribute to the development of an effectively functioning, independent and impartial judicial system through which human rights and fundamental freedoms are effectively protected and to assist the Turkey’s transition from the state of emergency to a more ‘normalised’ political and legal phase.

Capacity Building |

We build legal capacity of domestic human rights advocates and groups to effectively utilise domestic and international remedies by exchanging knowledge and the necessary skill-sets through direct communication, seminars and meetings.

We prepare and disseminate templates for the use of lawyers and NGOs for their litigation activities.