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We carry out research on key human rights issues and strive to bridge the gap between practitioners, judicial authorities and policy makers on national and international human rights standards. To do this, we conduct research on critical legal issues related to state of emergency measures, including the effectiveness of remedies, derogation regimes, restriction of human rights in the fight against terrorism, rule of law standards and the independence of the judiciary. We also circulate relevant case-law among practitioners, and provide them with reports, press releases and opinions of international and regional human rights monitoring mechanisms to assist their litigation activities.

Our Research Work |

This collection provides a list of available written resources regarding the human rights situation in Turkey following the attempted coup in 2016. Each source is briefly summarised to indicate the major themes dealt with by the author, and a full reference is provided so that they can be easily accessed. The first section presents a timeline of events and key legislation. The second provides a link to the notices of derogation lodged by Turkey at the Council of Europe and the United Nations. The third contains information regarding cases lodged before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). The fourth, deals with reports filed by international monitoring bodies, namely the UN Human Rights Council (and associated monitoring bodies), the Council of Europe and The European Union. The fifth is a collection of reports and briefings authored by major NGOs. Lastly, journal articles and academic commentary are collected from a variety of sources such as scholarly journals and blogs.